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Former NFL Star and EZMedDirect CEO Gary Reasons

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“We’re Changing Healthcare Across America”
With a Low Cost Healthcare Solution.

You ask how?

Well, if you are feeling ill, what do you normally say?

I need to “go to the doctor”.

We are presenting a change to these 4 words….

I need toconsult with a doctor”.

Get Care on YOUR TERMS with Telehealth.

Speak with a doctor Right Now! Anytime, from Anywhere!
You have a Doctor In Your Pocket!

Your EZMD Discount Medical Plan features Teladoc!
With Teladoc You Have 24-7 Doctor Access By Phone
From Wherever You Are!


  • EZMD provides you a more convenient Choice for healthcare with 24/7 doctor access by phone with Teladoc and No Consult Fee.
  • Anyone can use EZMD regardless of previous medical condition.
  • EZMD is the perfect complement to today’s high $$ deductible and high $$ co-pay insurance plans.
  • Additional Healthcare Savings with EZMD Dental, Vision, and Pharmacy discount benefits!
  • Benefits can be used as often as needed by the Member, Spouse, and all legal dependents!
  • We’re Empowering Americans to Control Their Healthcare Spend!
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EZMD Benefits

​Not available to UT, VT, and WA residents.