The EZMD IR Income Opportunity

EZMD has one of the most important healthcare service programs to ever be offered to our fellow Americans. Join us and be a part of this movement to change Healthcare across America!

Income Opportunity
and Marketing Plan Overview

Our exclusive telehealth component of this program is virtually unknown by the U.S. population and can make a positive difference in their lives.
This circumstance creates an amazing opportunity for our Independent Representatives and is now ready to be shared with every family in America through field marketers.

The EZMD Marketing Plan provides residual income opportunities for anyone who is willing to work hard and Help Others. Successful Representatives will thrive as they help individuals and families save money on healthcare costs with EZMD as well as help them earn an income while they build their EZMD Team.

We are fortunate to have experienced advisors who have tailored this Marketing Plan along with a training program designed to execute this Plan.

It has been determined that approximately 93% of the U.S. population is unaware of this type of non-insurance coverage which represents an extraordinary opportunity for income growth.

Our Marketing Plan is based on total Members in your Group. When you get to know our Marketing Plan you will see that success is climbing up the ladder of Ranks, where additional income benefits are added. Rank Advancement is the compelling factor in successfully following this Plan.

The Marketing Plan is a roadmap for you to prosper with EZMD as together we fulfill our mission.

“We’re Changing Healthcare Across America.”

​Not available to UT, VT, and WA residents.